Professional Comforter Washing Is A Healthy Approach

The American Lung Association statistics show that more people are suffering from allergies and other respiratory health problems. They suggest that the reason for this upsurge is poor bedroom hygiene. According to
CNN, at least 4 in 5 American homes have a bed with dust mites. 46% of people change their beddings only once a month, and this is a recipe for many health issues. When people neglect to wash their comforters; dust mite, dead skin, oils, sweat and food crumbs gather, exposing them to STDs, breathing problems, eczema and other health problems.

Doctors recommend that comforters are washed every other week and even more regularly when you are sick. Professional cleaning is necessary to truly rid a comforter of disease-causing pathogens. Professionals use a dry solvent instead of water on comforters to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This is most important for down comforters as they are most susceptible to mold especially when left damp. Comforters have different fillings that require gentle care to keep them fresh.

Turning to professional laundry services is the best choice for maximum stain removal. Dead skin, oil, wine and other stains leave a damaging impression on the comforter not to mention the awful smell. Professionals know exactly what product to use for a specific item to leave it clean without ruining it. Comforters come in different shapes and sizes making it often impossible to fit them into a washing machine. That is no problem at a professional’s as they have large, heavy-duty equipment to handle large sized, oddly shaped comforters.

In addition to advanced washing equipment, you are assured that the comforter will be perfectly dry when you pick it up. Even if we are successful at washing a comforter at home, it is a major test trying to dry it. Bundling a wet comforter over a hanging line is often a task in futility and shouldn’t even be attempted in the first place as it only causes the down to settle at the bottom.

Having all comforters washed professionally even if they can be hand washed is a good idea. Professional cleaning solvents breakdown debris gathered over a long period to leave your favorites looking fresh and as good as new. You might be hesitant about taking a luxurious comforter to the dry cleaners afraid that it will ruin the construction. Don’t be afraid anymore because professionals understand that different materials demand unique care techniques in order to preserve them during cleaning.

Excellent customer service by a professional cleaner serves as a guarantee that the comforter will be cared for better than you can wash it at home. Some people are initially turned off by the cost of a single professional dry cleaning session but upon assessing the benefits, they are convinced that it is worth it.

Ethical professionals understand the sentimental value many people have attached to their comforters. In light of this, they have insurance covering these precious items in case of damage. What’s better than knowing you will get a replacement for each comforter that is accidentally damaged during cleaning? Indeed, professional comforter washing is the best bet for most all who want to keep warm and clean this winter. After collecting your comforters from
the professional cleaner’s they will certainly look fuller and feel more comfortable.

To assist households in our community with a healthier bedroom, Mr Laundromat runs a comforter specials program on Wednesdays. You benefit Wednesdays from our Bring one get the second one half off. Give us a CALL Today or visit us for more on our specials.

Benefits of Wash and Fold Laundry Services

Let’€™s face it! In the fast running modern world, we find ourselves busy almost all the time. We often get held up in jobs, schools, and sports among other activities that we have very little time to address other chores at home. The last thing you want to think about is having to wash countless loads of laundry when you get back home.

Nobody likes doing laundry which is why most people opt for a laundry service instead. Using wash and fold laundry might sound budget breaking to the average person but when weighing the benefits that come with it, it’s fairly cost-effective. Well, you can! But hiring someone else to do the chore is a great way to create more free time for you and your family.

Wash and fold laundry service can be offered by an expert who can be located somewhere near you. They use advanced machines and driers to get your laundry clean in a perfect manner. Laundry services offer the following benefits for you:

It’€™s Time Saving

Let’s agree! Laundry is tedious and time-consuming. The truth is that you can always make more money but a day is 24 hours only. By availing your laundry to a Mr. Laundromat, you will save time that you’d have spent doing laundry at home. If you are probably on a fulltime job, it means you have a million things on your plate. Why should you be stressed about laundry?

You can easily pick your dirty clothes and drop them at a laundromat as you attend to other activities in the morning. Once the clothes are washed and dried, you will easily pick them up as you head back to your house. You do not have to waste a whole day washing, drying and folding them. Your job should only be placing them in your wardrobe and spending the time doing what you love.

Cost Effective

Do you fear that availing your laundry to a Laundromat is not affordable? Well, don’t be. Most of them offer the wash and fold service at a convenient price. Of course, you may need to take time to compare and calculate the whole of doing laundry yourself with the amount being charged by your Laundromat.

There is a higher chance that you will discover that it is about equal. Additionally, they offer services with advanced machines which means that your clothes will be professionally cleaned without damaging them. This means that you may take longer to replace the clothes.

Professional Results

Wash and fold laundry service providers work with equipment that will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean. You don’t have to worry about your clothes becoming ruined. You can rest assured that your clothes are in good hands. They will offer specialized services such as dry cleaning and take care of laundry that requires things like flat drying sweaters. You may even request them to iron the clothes and put them on hangers if you like. Moreover, they understand the special washing requirements such as the required temperatures for washing and will be keen on color separation.


Another benefit you will reap is that you do not need to buy washing detergents, spot cleaner, softeners, bleach and all those products. In fact, some Laundromats offer greenwash as a way to conserve the environment and ensure that you get what you pay for. Your clothes will be washed using proper hygiene for the benefit of your health.

If you a€™re lucky enough to be living in a bigger city like Raleigh, the Laundromats may offer to pick up and drop your laundry hence saving you the trip to their facility. That is true convenience!

The Bottom line

These are just but few benefits that you can derive from the wash and fold laundry services. You may need to take time and do proper homework on how to pick a good Laundromat. Be sure to pick a reputable one offering high-quality services such as Mr. Laundromat.

We can save you the hassle of doing laundry. Our service is coin operated and offers you all the options you could need to carry out your laundry and gain back the much-needed family time. Need a bulk laundry service? Search no further! We offer laundry services for restaurant, hotels and other businesses. Experience the best laundry detergents, best fabric softeners, as well as perfectly folded and hanged clothes.

But don’€™t take our word for it yet, try it out yourself. Call Mr. Laundromat today and let us do your laundry chores all the time!



Best laundry detergent

How to Navigate the Decisions of the Laundry Aisle

When walking up and down the laundry detergent aisle, there are so many decisions to make. Free and Clear, Pods, Price and so much more. The marketing departments of all of the large laundry detergent companies work hard to make it seem like their products are best. So, which detergent is best? And is fabric softener necessary?

Many of our customers who come in to use our machines ask these questions regularly. At Mr. Laundromat, it is our responsibility to know the answers to those questions and know the best way to clean clothes as well as keep clothes looking bright and fresh. So, let’s make the laundry aisle at the grocery store easier.

The Top 5 Best Laundry Detergent Solutions are:

  1. Tide Pods: There are a handful of reasons why Tide Pods rank the highest. However, the first reason is the ease of use. Just because they are easy to use doesn’t mean they are great at cleaning too. Tide Pods ranks as the most powerful cleaner available. Be careful with Tide Pods if there are kids or pets around the home. They have bright colors which often means they are confused for toys or candies and can be harmful if consumed.
  2. Tide Original Liquid Detergent: The Tide brand of laundry detergents does a phenomenal job at packing a lot of cleaning power into their products. The liquid detergent is not quite as strong as the pods but does a great job keep clothes looking new and clean.
  3. Wisk Deep Clean: Anyone who works in a uniform should be using Wisk Deep Clean! Wisk is great at removing the toughest stain sources such as chocolate, wine, blood, and more. Surprisingly, Wisk can do a great job on tough stains even in a cold-water wash.
  4. Tide Plus Coldwater: We are all taught to sort our laundry into color groups, but not everyone does it. If the laundry is not being sorted, then washing in cold water is the best way to preserve the color of the clothes. Tide’s Coldwater Solution does a great job protecting colors and removing stains in cold-water washes.
  5. Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent: When getting to the lower cost section of the laundry detergent aisle, it is tough to know what is best. Arm & Hammer is a great cost-effective option that is tough on odors and stains, but gentle on all colors. Additionally, Arm & Hammer includes baking soda which is great at lifting away stains and cleaning the washing machine!

This list is not an absolute, just what we have seen and what we have found researching the products. All of the suggestions above, excluding the Tide cold water, are applicable to all versions of the detergent. For example, if a family uses Tide Free & Clear, it is just as great as the original Tide formula. It is important to remember to use what is safest and best for a family in Garner before what is best for the clothes.

The decision of what detergent to use can be a tough one. If it is easier to buy something trusted or that is made local, Mr. Laundromat sells the detergent that we use on all of our clothes. Our laundry detergent is comparable to all of the top brands and smells great!

Now that we know what detergent to use, what else needs to be used in the laundry to keep clothes looking great?

4 Things To Use On Clothes to Keep Them Bright and Fresh are: 

  1. Stain Pre-Treat: It is important to have a product that works well on stains to use before putting clothes in the washing machine. We suggest Tide’s Stain Release or OxiClean.
  2. Mesh Bags: Throwing delicate clothing items in the washing machine with all of the other clothing items is not a great idea. Not protecting delicate items could cause rips, tears and a shortened lifespan for the clothing item.
  3. Add Fabric Softener: Use the liquid version of fabric softener. While the time release scent crystals sound like a really cool concept, they aren’t doing much good for clothes. The liquid fabric softener works with the fibers of clothes to preserve and strengthen the clothes.
  4. Don’t Overuse Bleach: There is a such thing as using too much bleach. It can wear down and damage the structure of the clothes, even if it is a load of whites. So, read the bottles and use the suggested amount.

After reading this, you are probably thinking there is way more to do the laundry and choosing laundry products that you could have imagined. There is a lot that goes into making clothes last a while, but also making sure they are ready for wear. If this is too much for you, Mr. Laundromat would happily help with our by-the-pound wash, dry, fold laundry service.

This is one of our customer’s favorite services. Just bring all the clothes that need cleaning to Mr. Laundromat in Garner at the intersection of 40 and 42 and we will wash them, dry them, and fold them within 24 hours. If this sounds like what your Raleigh family needs, contact us with any questions about our services.

The other thing we get calls about all the time is odd stains. We love stain removal and we have a variety of solutions to help with stains! So, instead of trying to troubleshoot home remedies which could make stains worse, give us a call or bring in the stained item.

Why Mr. Laundromat is the Best in the Triangle

The Raleigh and Garner areas are growing as new residents trickle in from across the country! Unfortunately, there are plenty of rental buildings with laundry facilities that are outdated or unequipped to handle the laundry needs of residents. Business owners in the Raleigh and Garner areas also may have laundry needs that are unmet due to the standard offerings of local dry cleaners and laundromats.


Luckily Mr. Laundromat can save the day and take care of Raleigh, Garner, and Clayton residents and business owners in need of residential and commercial laundering services. We differ in a handful of ways from standard dry cleaners and coin-operated laundromats around town, and residents who partner with us for their laundering needs always feel right at home in our facility.

3 ways that Mr. Laundromat differs from other dry cleaners and laundromats in Raleigh are:

  • Lower Cost. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to professionally wash the garments that clothe arms and legs. We take pride in providing laundering services for small and large jobs at an affordable price that Triangle locals will love. Compared to other facilities in the area, our prices are affordable no matter the service required.
  • Higher Quality. Our friendly staff is available to provide exceptional service that leaves patrons amazed. We take care of linens and laundry as if they were our own and strive to ensure each garment is treated with care. Whether it’s a load of team jerseys or a pile of tablecloths for a fine dining restaurant, we have a higher attention to detail than our competitors which means Triangle residents see consistent results with us.
  • Real Amenities. Who ever heard of having fun doing laundry on site at a laundromat? At our facility, guests are treated with respect and have options to keep the family entertained while the weekly wash is done. Enjoy free Wifi to multitask and conduct some business while the delicates dry, or catch up on some shows lingering in the streaming queue. Guests with children will especially love the play area to keep the little ones occupied while the loads are switched. No other laundering facility can beat our air-conditioned lounge area complete with a huge 42-inch high-definition flat screen TV broadcasting the latest news and sporting events. Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore or a reason to miss out on the fun of life.

So far this is just a snapshot of the unmatched quality here at Mr. Laundromat. From our state-of-the-art services to our affordable prices, we give people a reason to keep coming back and to stop dreading laundry day.

What else can set us apart from the other laundering services in the Triangle? There’s a lot to say here because we have services that guests didn’t even know were available to them before! Some have come in with jobs they thought were impossible, but no stain is too tough or garment too delicate for our care.

Our facility offers the following seven commercial and residential laundering services always with a smile and total care for the job:

  • Wash and Fold. For those that simply do not have the time to wait around while the laundry is washed, that’s no problem for us. For only 99 cents per pound, we will wash, dry, and fold each load with precision and care. For garments with special instructions, just leave them with us and we’ll follow them completely.
  • Dry Cleaning. Special or delicate clothing that needs different attention is possible with us. No matter what the material is, whether suede, wool, or lace, we will make them like new without any damage to their pristine appearance.
  • Yes, that’s right, we not only clean the laundry we can alter them for any reason. Simply bring the garment, have one of our friendly staff members take measurements for the desired alterations, and leave it with us. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for pickup, and you can finally have a one-stop place for all laundry needs!
  • Comforter and Bulk Services. No single piece is too cumbersome for our facility. Onsite we have machines of all sizes to accommodate the smallest or largest load. Most home washers cannot safely or comfortably clean large pieces like a bed comforter. Luckily we can, and we also provide same day services if the load is dropped off by 11 am!
  • Dust Mite Treatment. Bed clothes can accumulate dust mites even in the cleanest of homes! Our large capacity washers can clean and sanitize the comforter and sheets to ensure that no dust mite waste or residue is lingering in the creases.
  • Commercial Services. We help local business owners with their laundry needs, too! Restaurant owners love our quick turn-around time with precious linens. However, hair salons never go a day with fresh towels when they come to us with their needs.
  • Pet Services. Pets need cleaning services just as much as their loving owners. Feel free to bring their bulky beds or favorite blankets to us for professional cleaning. We’ll clean it thoroughly and save your home washer from absorbing any odors.

At Mr. Laundromat, we can wash any garment, fabric, or bulky item in our clean and cozy facility. Don’t let the laundry pile up because it’s a chore, we will gladly take it off your hands! Contact us today for pricing and other services we can perform.

Why Businesses Need to Outsource Commercial Laundry Services

There are many costs in a Raleigh small business; from monthly rent payments to marketing services. These costs can add up quickly which can lead small business owners in Raleigh to choose to manage their own linens themselves. Many Raleigh businesses, such as a small coffee shop, believe they don’t need linen services or they don’t have the volume to warrant the time of a commercial laundromat and commercial laundry services.

At Mr. Laundromat in Garner, we help local, Raleigh business owners with their commercial cleaning and laundry services. We understand that many companies feel they are not the right size to need commercial laundry services or feel it may be best to handle it themselves, but there are some key advantages to outsourcing commercial laundry.

6 reasons that Raleigh small businesses should consider using commercial laundry services are:

  1. Increasing Efficiency: The amount of time required to clean the linens used in a Raleigh business can add up quickly. Many small businesses do not have a washing machine and dryer on site which means the business owner or employees are taking the items home to manage on their personal washing machine and dryer. Allowing a company to pick up the items or dropping them off at a commercial laundromat could save a large amount of time that could be spent focusing on the business.
  2. More Room for the Business: If the washing machine is at the business location, there is a big advantage to using commercial laundry services because the business will now have more room. That space could be used for another office, storage room, or space to retain clients further!
  3. Saving the Environment: Commercial linens can have heavy stains and be thicker materials. These material will cause more wear and tear on personal washing machines and dryers which leads to repairs or replacements sooner. Additionally, commercial laundromats use significantly less energy and water for cleaning.
  4. Stay Compliant: Many business industries that have a large amount of compliance requirements within the business. Laundromat is up-to-date on those requirements, from a linen standpoint, and what they must use when cleaning linens for Raleigh businesses.
  5. Lower Company Costs: The longer linens such as towels, uniforms, or other miscellaneous linens are washed in a non-commercial washing machine, the more they will deteriorate. Commercial washing machines are built to protect these items with efficiency where as home washing machines are not built the same way. It can be very costly to continue to replace these items.
  6. No capacity: On busy days or weeks in a company, there can be a lot more linen use. This is especially true for restaurants. If a business owner or employee is cleaning this themselves, there is a large time dedication after an already busy, long few days. But, when using a commercial laundromat, there is no maximum quantities. On busy weekends, the weekend ends and so does the work associated with it!

Many business owners who own smaller Raleigh businesses will be so use to spending their time in the evenings or early mornings cleaning the linens for their company. It can lead to the point of not knowing how to spend the time after it is no longer on the plate.

Also, many business owners say, ‘What about the cost.’ While there is still a cost, taking commercial laundromat services off a business owner or employees plate allows more time spent working in or on the business.

5 ways Mr. Laundromat’s clients spend their time now that they utilize a commercial laundromat:

  1. Increasing Customer Service: If a business owner is at home working on washing and drying their linens, they don’t have time to be at the business with their customers. Many of our commercial laundromat client’s top priorities are to spend more time offering better service to their existing customers.
  2. Grow the Business: If Raleigh business owners are spending more time with their customers or in their business, they will have the opportunity to work on growing their businesses as well. Many of our clients get excited about gaining time back to work on growing their business in order to recover the cost of commercial laundry services.
  3. Manage their Employees: Employees who are not trained or performing to their fullest ability can be the most costly aspect of a business. Many Raleigh business owners recuperate the cost of commercial laundry services by managing and training their employees further which decreases loss and theft.
  4. Improve Management: When making the decision to hire a new vendor, many Raleigh business owners begin to evaluate other vendors and services they need to make their business management more robust. Having the time to spend on evaluating and changing policies can dramatically improve local businesses.
  5. Marketing: Many Raleigh small businesses owners will see more time as a way to market their business more. Many of our clients at Mr. Laundromat will take the time to begin to grow the awareness of their company and improve their brand.

We have all been newer in business and in the spots in business where costs seem overwhelming, but, as the old saying goes, ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ Commercial laundromat services and commercial linen services in Raleigh can help improve the bottom line of a company quicker than expected. To get a commercial laundry services quote from Mr. Laundromat, contact us today.

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