Why Businesses Need to Outsource Commercial Laundry Services

There are many costs in a Raleigh small business; from monthly rent payments to marketing services. These costs can add up quickly which can lead small business owners in Raleigh to choose to manage their own linens themselves. Many Raleigh businesses, such as a small coffee shop, believe they don’t need linen services or they don’t have the volume to warrant the time of a commercial laundromat and commercial laundry services.

At Mr. Laundromat in Garner, we help local, Raleigh business owners with their commercial cleaning and laundry services. We understand that many companies feel they are not the right size to need commercial laundry services or feel it may be best to handle it themselves, but there are some key advantages to outsourcing commercial laundry.

6 reasons that Raleigh small businesses should consider using commercial laundry services are:

  1. Increasing Efficiency: The amount of time required to clean the linens used in a Raleigh business can add up quickly. Many small businesses do not have a washing machine and dryer on site which means the business owner or employees are taking the items home to manage on their personal washing machine and dryer. Allowing a company to pick up the items or dropping them off at a commercial laundromat could save a large amount of time that could be spent focusing on the business.
  2. More Room for the Business: If the washing machine is at the business location, there is a big advantage to using commercial laundry services because the business will now have more room. That space could be used for another office, storage room, or space to retain clients further!
  3. Saving the Environment: Commercial linens can have heavy stains and be thicker materials. These material will cause more wear and tear on personal washing machines and dryers which leads to repairs or replacements sooner. Additionally, commercial laundromats use significantly less energy and water for cleaning.
  4. Stay Compliant: Many business industries that have a large amount of compliance requirements within the business. Laundromat is up-to-date on those requirements, from a linen standpoint, and what they must use when cleaning linens for Raleigh businesses.
  5. Lower Company Costs: The longer linens such as towels, uniforms, or other miscellaneous linens are washed in a non-commercial washing machine, the more they will deteriorate. Commercial washing machines are built to protect these items with efficiency where as home washing machines are not built the same way. It can be very costly to continue to replace these items.
  6. No capacity: On busy days or weeks in a company, there can be a lot more linen use. This is especially true for restaurants. If a business owner or employee is cleaning this themselves, there is a large time dedication after an already busy, long few days. But, when using a commercial laundromat, there is no maximum quantities. On busy weekends, the weekend ends and so does the work associated with it!

Many business owners who own smaller Raleigh businesses will be so use to spending their time in the evenings or early mornings cleaning the linens for their company. It can lead to the point of not knowing how to spend the time after it is no longer on the plate.

Also, many business owners say, ‘What about the cost.’ While there is still a cost, taking commercial laundromat services off a business owner or employees plate allows more time spent working in or on the business.

5 ways Mr. Laundromat’s clients spend their time now that they utilize a commercial laundromat:

  1. Increasing Customer Service: If a business owner is at home working on washing and drying their linens, they don’t have time to be at the business with their customers. Many of our commercial laundromat client’s top priorities are to spend more time offering better service to their existing customers.
  2. Grow the Business: If Raleigh business owners are spending more time with their customers or in their business, they will have the opportunity to work on growing their businesses as well. Many of our clients get excited about gaining time back to work on growing their business in order to recover the cost of commercial laundry services.
  3. Manage their Employees: Employees who are not trained or performing to their fullest ability can be the most costly aspect of a business. Many Raleigh business owners recuperate the cost of commercial laundry services by managing and training their employees further which decreases loss and theft.
  4. Improve Management: When making the decision to hire a new vendor, many Raleigh business owners begin to evaluate other vendors and services they need to make their business management more robust. Having the time to spend on evaluating and changing policies can dramatically improve local businesses.
  5. Marketing: Many Raleigh small businesses owners will see more time as a way to market their business more. Many of our clients at Mr. Laundromat will take the time to begin to grow the awareness of their company and improve their brand.

We have all been newer in business and in the spots in business where costs seem overwhelming, but, as the old saying goes, ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ Commercial laundromat services and commercial linen services in Raleigh can help improve the bottom line of a company quicker than expected. To get a commercial laundry services quote from Mr. Laundromat, contact us today.