Wash and Fold

We Wash Dry and Fold your Laundry in our Garner laundromat for you! For only $1.29 per pound!! Drop off your dirty laundry with one of our friendly attendants and we will return it fresh, clean and neatly folded! Your laundry can also be hung on hangers for no additional costs. Need it back the same day? We do same day service on all wash and folds if they are in by 11am they will be done by 5pm that day!

We are skin allergy friendly for those with sensitive skin we use free and clear or you can bring your own detergent. Now a days we have become so busy sometimes there is not enough time in the day to do all that laundry? Give yourself a break for once and let us save you from doing that dreaded pile of laundry that only keeps getting bigger! Do your complete wash in 4 minutes! It takes 2 minutes to drop off and 2 minutes to pick


Saving You Time

Life is so busy, and laundry can creep up on you, let us take this off your plate! You can just quickly drop off and pick up and we will take care of the rest! Our customers come to us for many different reasons, but all have the same thing in common: it just makes more sense to let us help them with their laundry needs so they can spend their time on the more important things.

How Our Service Can Help You

Our customers needs range from being in an apartment with no laundry room to some customers such as construction workers who need a heavy duty wash that a commercial washer can offer. We also assist older or disabled customers with curbside service.


Dry Cleaning Services

Mr. Laundromat offers a wide variety of Dry Cleaning services! We are partnered with certified local Dry Cleaners. We do much more than just press shirts and pants!  Just ask one of our friendly customer service representatives and they can help with any dry cleaning needs!

Dry Cleaning with “Like-new” Results

The dry cleaning process uses fluids to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Stains are divided into two categories solvent-soluble stains and water-soluble stains. Dry cleaning helps return garments to a “like-new” condition using different methods that helps prevent loss of color, shrinkage, and change of finish. Dry cleaning is another great way to remove those horrible odors from garments as well.


Preservation of a memorable garment is another advantage dry cleaning can provide. We feel that not only are we preserving a garment but a memory as well.


Comforter Services

Let’s face it, most home washers aren’t big enough to give your large comforter a proper wash, they are built for clothes. If a comforter is crammed into a washer, it will not wash very well and could easily be damaged.

At Mr. Laundromat we offer Same Day comforter service if it’s in by 11am, then it will be done by 5pm that day. We are skin allergy friendly for those with sensitive skin. We use free and clear or you can bring your own detergent.

Our comforter service specializes in down comforters, so we put extra attention into the drying process to ensure the feathers get the proper care which helps them last longer.

Comforter Accidents!

Spills and accidents happen on comforters all the time, these things are hard to avoid. Drop it off in the morning and it will be ready later that day.

Dust mites in Your Comforters!

Did you know comforters are a great host for dust mites! Do you know how many dust mites accumulate in your comforters every month or year? Dust mites feed on dead skin and hair and can be living in your beds and comforters by the millions. Their waste and body parts can cause allergy problems for many people.

A sterilized comforter is vital for your health. Your comforters need to be sanitized and cleaned properly to help reduce allergies and for overall sanitation purposes. Our system elevates the water temperatures to the proper levels to kill all of them while receiving the proper wash in our large capacity washer.


Commercial Linen Services

We offer Commercial Linen services to many different businesses in the area. Every business has different needs and we understand those needs. We are here to help take the burden away so they can focus on what their business does best!

Hair Salons and Car Detailers to the Heath Industry

Hair Salons have been using our services for years! Save your business time and money! We can pick up and drop off at your request, to local customers and businesses. Don’t worry about those towels anymore!

We also help Acupuncture and chiropractic businesses and others in the health care industry that need their sheets and towels cleaned weekly! We will pick up and deliver to fit your schedule. This leads to more productive days for these businesses. Car Wash and Auto Detailing shops also go through microfiber towels fast! We offer same day service to all our accounts if they need them back quick.

Daycares are also customers we love to help. They drop off their linens every weekend and they are ready at any time request. This saves them time to focus on what is most important to their customers.

Convenient Pick-up and Delivery

We will pick up and deliver at your request. Auto Repair shops are also customers that have been coming to us for years. We will service and existing inventory or help provide one.

We know how hard it is to remove all that dirt and grime from shop rags. Let us help you with those linens. Shop rolls are another different type of linen we clean for the industry.

Gyms and Health Spas also go through hundreds of towels a week! We are happy to pick up and drop off free of charge. Time saved dealing with towels is better spent catering to the clients needs.


Restaurant Services

Mr. Laundromat has developed a Commercial Restaurant linen service that is much better on pricing than your other corporate companies on a higher level of perfection and interaction with friendly staff. We know how important it is to the success of a restaurant in having quality presentable linens for your guests and staff.

Over the past few years we have been providing excellent service to local restaurants around the Johnston and Wake County areas! Mr. Laundromat will pick up and deliver linens to your restaurant at the desired pick up and drop off schedule you need. If you already have an existing inventory of linens we can service that inventory.

If you don’t have an inventory we can help provide you with a wide variety of high quality polyester linens that fit your color theme and dining style! We provide everything from bar towels, tablecloths, microfiber, aprons, napkins, and anything else to chef uniforms as well.

We Work With Your Schedule

Mr. Laundromat works with your schedule! Don’t waste another minute trying to figure out how much inventory you have or constantly ordering more linen. We keep track of your inventory so you will never run low on linens.

Just let us know a weekly pick up time that works for your restaurant. Your linens will always be crisp, clean, smelling good and looking great despite constant regular use when you choose us to serve your linen needs! We understand perfection in the cleanliness of these linens is imperative to the success of your restaurant.

Restaurant Linen Service vs. Laundering in House

There are some restaurant owners that would rather wash their own linens and uniforms thinking it will save them time and money, yet they don’t realize what is really involved in the whole process. They choose to invest in expensive equipment, spend extra time and money hiring or training their staff to do tedious the task. It might sound like a great idea at first but it’s not very practical!

It might sound easy but there are other underlying costs and frustrations involved. Spending more money training staff to differentiate types of fabrics and teaching them the dos and don’ts about the washing procedures and also the chemicals involved. Don’t stress about removing those impossible stains from tablecloths or napkins.

There is expensive maintenance cost involved to up keep the equipment because they are under constant use. Why go through all this hassle when you can hire us to serve your linen needs. We have been providing professional linen services to local restaurants for years!



Pet Services

We provide same day service on all dog and cat beds if it’s in by 11am then it will be ready 5pm that day! Do you have a dog grooming business or run a pet spa and need linen services? We do that as well! We have many accounts with pet grooming businesses in the area.

Washable Pet Beds

We know how important it is that your pets have a clean sleeping area. It will keep your pet happy and keep your home free from contaminates. We also know how bad they can begin to smell.

There are many washable pet beds that need commercial washers and dryers to give them the proper wash while not damaging or ruining them, especially during the drying process.

Cleaner is Healthier

Dog beds collect everything your dog brings to them: dirt, mud, drool, fur, insects — not to mention that oh-so-pungent smell from whatever it is dogs inexplicably love to roll in. Cleaning the bedding regularly can keep you and your dog healthier by eliminating microbes, allergens, and fleas. In fact, washing your dog’s bedding is one of the simplest ways to help protect your home from a flea infestation


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