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How to Navigate the Decisions of the Laundry Aisle

When walking up and down the laundry detergent aisle, there are so many decisions to make. Free and Clear, Pods, Price and so much more. The marketing departments of all of the large laundry detergent companies work hard to make it seem like their products are best. So, which detergent is best? And is fabric softener necessary?Best laundry detergent

Many of our customers who come in to use our machines ask these questions regularly. At Mr. Laundromat, it is our responsibility to know the answers to those questions and know the best way to clean clothes as well as keep clothes looking bright and fresh. So, let’s make the laundry aisle at the grocery store easier.

The Top 5 Best Laundry Detergent Solutions are:

  1. Tide Pods: There are a handful of reasons why Tide Pods rank the highest. However, the first reason is the ease of use. Just because they are easy to use doesn’t mean they are great at cleaning too. Tide Pods ranks as the most powerful cleaner available. Be careful with Tide Pods if there are kids or pets around the home. They have bright colors which often means they are confused for toys or candies and can be harmful if consumed.
  2. Tide Original Liquid Detergent: The Tide brand of laundry detergents does a phenomenal job at packing a lot of cleaning power into their products. The liquid detergent is not quite as strong as the pods but does a great job keep clothes looking new and clean.
  3. Wisk Deep Clean: Anyone who works in a uniform should be using Wisk Deep Clean! Wisk is great at removing the toughest stain sources such as chocolate, wine, blood, and more. Surprisingly, Wisk can do a great job on tough stains even in a cold-water wash.
  4. Tide Plus Coldwater: We are all taught to sort our laundry into color groups, but not everyone does it. If the laundry is not being sorted, then washing in cold water is the best way to preserve the color of the clothes. Tide’s Coldwater Solution does a great job protecting colors and removing stains in cold-water washes.
  5. Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent: When getting to the lower cost section of the laundry detergent aisle, it is tough to know what is best. Arm & Hammer is a great cost-effective option that is tough on odors and stains, but gentle on all colors. Additionally, Arm & Hammer includes baking soda which is great at lifting away stains and cleaning the washing machine!

This list is not an absolute, just what we have seen and what we have found researching the products. All of the suggestions above, excluding the Tide cold water, are applicable to all versions of the detergent. For example, if a family uses Tide Free & Clear, it is just as great as the original Tide formula. It is important to remember to use what is safest and best for a family in Garner before what is best for the clothes.

The decision of what detergent to use can be a tough one. If it is easier to buy something trusted or that is made local, Mr. Laundromat sells the detergent that we use on all of our clothes. Our laundry detergent is comparable to all of the top brands and smells great!

Now that we know what detergent to use, what else needs to be used in the laundry to keep clothes looking great?

4 Things To Use On Clothes to Keep Them Bright and Fresh are: 

  1. Stain Pre-Treat: It is important to have a product that works well on stains to use before putting clothes in the washing machine. We suggest Tide’s Stain Release or OxiClean.
  2. Mesh Bags: Throwing delicate clothing items in the washing machine with all of the other clothing items is not a great idea. Not protecting delicate items could cause rips, tears and a shortened lifespan for the clothing item.
  3. Add Fabric Softener: Use the liquid version of fabric softener. While the time release scent crystals sound like a really cool concept, they aren’t doing much good for clothes. The liquid fabric softener works with the fibers of clothes to preserve and strengthen the clothes.
  4. Don’t Overuse Bleach: There is a such thing as using too much bleach. It can wear down and damage the structure of the clothes, even if it is a load of whites. So, read the bottles and use the suggested amount.

After reading this, you are probably thinking there is way more to do the laundry and choosing laundry products that you could have imagined. There is a lot that goes into making clothes last a while, but also making sure they are ready for wear. If this is too much for you, Mr. Laundromat would happily help with our by-the-pound wash, dry, fold laundry service.

This is one of our customer’s favorite services. Just bring all the clothes that need cleaning to Mr. Laundromat in Garner at the intersection of 40 and 42 and we will wash them, dry them, and fold them within 24 hours. If this sounds like what your Raleigh family needs, contact us with any questions about our services.

The other thing we get calls about all the time is odd stains. We love stain removal and we have a variety of solutions to help with stains! So, instead of trying to troubleshoot home remedies which could make stains worse, give us a call or bring in the stained item.

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