DO’s For Dry Cleaning

Top 10 Tips For Dry Cleaning Clothes

Most people take their clothes to the dry cleaners to freshen up delicate or sensitive clothing. Dry cleaning ensures that your clothes last as long as possible while maintaining their original condition. There are some best practices you should know when visiting a dry cleaner to get the best results.

Here is a list of dry-cleaning do’s that will guide you.

Check that you have the tags that came with your garments when you purchased them.The label has specific instructions for how to treat your clothing. Failing to follow the instructions precisely could cause expensive apparel to be damaged or ruined. Although most dry cleaners are professionals with years of expertise, giving them the labels will ensure they clean the garment exactly the way the manufacturers intended. The tags are essential for ensuring your clothing is properly cared for during the dry cleaning process.

Take stained clothes to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. This will make it much easier to get rid of the stain. If you leave the stained garment exposed to air, light and heat for too long before taking it to the dry cleaner, the stain will be much more difficult to remove. Don’t forget to tell the dry cleaners what substance stained your clothes so they can apply the best treatment to eliminate it.

Take your garments to the dry cleaners regularly. If you let dust particles, grease or sweat accumulate on your garments, they will not last as long, and their appearance will be negatively impacted. Before heading to the dry cleaners, take stock of all the clothes that need to be taken. Most people tend to overlook garments such as curtains, duvets, throw pillows and jackets. Always ensure that they are right side out so they are cleaned correctly.

Get to know your dry cleaner. Please spend a few minutes with them after dropping off your garments. Having a quick conversation can prevent confusion or problems later. It’s important to know details such as whether they offer drop off services or you will have to pick up the clothing yourself. You can also find out whether there are any available deals or discounts that may not have been promoted online.

Keep your ticket somewhere you look often. If you decide to pick your clothes from the dry cleaners, it’s important to keep the ticket in a place you see every day so you remember to collect them on time. If you leave your garments at the dry cleaners for too long after the collection time, you risk losing them.

Remove the wrap immediately. The dry cleaning process uses chemicals. These chemicals may not hurt your skin, but the pungent smell will irritate you when you wear the clothes. Hang the garments somewhere with proper ventilation so they can air out. Then the clothes will be clean as well as chemical-free.

Professional suits can require special attention and care. Here are a few tips to keep them looking good between trips to the dry cleaners so they can last as long as possible and stay in top condition.

Rotate your suits. Using the same outfit every day will make it show wear after a short time. Alternating which suit you wear every day will help them last longer and require cleaning less often.

Remove wrinkles with a steam cleaner before wearing your suit. Ensure that the steam cleaner is on low heat when in use. This helps you look your best and helps your suit and stay in great condition longer.

Brush off any dirt that could be clinging to your suit after wearing it. Leaving dirt or dust particles on your suit can cause them to become attached to fabric and make it more difficult to clean later.

Cover your suit up with a cloth that will allow circulation of air when you store it. Storing a suit in a plastic or airtight covering can cause discoloration or mold to develop. Using a breathable cloth protects your suit from dust and dirt particles while helping it to last longer.


5 Tips for Washing your Comforter the Right Way

You probably avoid washing your comforter, especially during the cold season. Although sheets protect your body, your duvet still picks up sweat and other dirt particles every night. If you are using a duvet cover to protect your comforter, you need to wash the cover regularly. However, that does not mean that you should completely ignore your quilt. It is best for you to clean your comforter once a month or at least before you store it for summer. If you put your duvet away while it’s dirty, moths are far more likely to eat it. Some people avoid cleaning their comforters because they are afraid of ruining them, but failing to clean them properly can also cause damage. Here are a few things you should to get the best results do when washing your comforter.


Check the labels. Before cleaning your comforter, you should check the tags for washing instructions. Stick to the guidelines on the labels or you will risk ruining your duvet. Some duvets have specific temperature settings that you need to adhere to when using a dryer or washer. It is best to check the tags when purchasing your comforters to be sure you will be in a position to take care of them.


Patch up holes. Check for any holes on the comforter before you start the cleaning process. If there are holes and you do not fix them, the stuffing inside the quilt will escape during the cleaning process, ruining the duvet and potentially damaging the machine. Therefore, you should ensure that you patch up all the holes where pieces of stuffing have been leaking.


Give the comforter space. Don’t try stuffing any other garment into the washer along with the comforter. You must give the duvet enough space for it to move around so soap and water can reach each part of the duvet. Without enough room to move properly, the comforter will remain dirty no matter how much soap you add. If you realize you are struggling to fit the comforter into the washer, you should stop because it won’t have enough space to move around. Consider taking your duvet to a laundromat where there is a variety of machine sizes that your comforter can easily fit into.


Be gentle. Select the soft settings on the washer before you start the whole process. The water level should be maximum, and the temperature should match the label’s instructions. Always remember that cold water will protect your duvet from fading if it is bright. Cold water also preserves fabrics and prevents them from shrinking but cannot eliminate dust mites. You can remove dust mites at high temperatures. However, washing your comforter at a temperature that is too high can make it shrink, dull its color, or damage it in other ways. It is best to trust the tag for the maximum temperature your duvet can handle.


Dry it properly. You can put your comforter in the dryer with dryer balls. Pay close attention to the time recommended and dryer settings. The label is most likely to call for a low temperature. To prevent mold from forming, you have to wash and dry your duvet correctly. Remove the comforter every 20 minutes to fluff the fabric for the filling to settle evenly, until the duvet is dry. Once it is dry, you can hang it on the clothesline for some time. The sun will impart a fresh smell to your comforter and help ensure it is completely dry.


Top 10 Dry Cleaning Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Clothes

Some clothes are too delicate to wash. A washing machine can damage details like embroidery, and the wrong water temperature can cause sensitive material to lose its shape. Dry cleaning will ensure that your garments stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. But there are mistakes you should avoid during dry cleaning to ensure your clothes aren’t damaged. Here is a list of dry cleaning don’ts that you should take into consideration.

Do not take your suits to a conventional cleaner because most dry cleaners use perchlorethylene (PERC) as a solvent to clean garments. This chemical is less viscous than water, and it is good at removing oil-based stains. But PERC is toxic since it contains carcinogenic properties, and it leaves a residue in garments. Therefore, to avoid exposing yourself and your clothes to harmful chemicals, take your suits to an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

If you have stained an article, do not press it with the hope of squeezing off the stain. The heat produced when pressing will set the stain, and it will make its removal complicated. Take your garment to the dry cleaners because they know how to treat all types of stains.

Once you pick up your knitted garments from the dry cleaners, do not hang them. Hanging will stretch your knitted clothing and pull them out of shape. Hanging will also cause sagging hemlines, and your clothes will not be in good condition the next time you want to wear them. It is best to store your knitted garments on a shelf or in a drawer.

Do not store seasonal clothing at home without taking it to the dry cleaner for cleaning and mothproofing, as this will only damage your garments and minimize their life span. Be sure to place the storage boxes in a cool and dry place.

Do not drop off large bundles of clothes in baskets at the dry cleaners. If you have many clothes, you should call a representative to pick up your clothes and drop them off after cleaning.

Do not use any home stain removers, whether tested or untested, on your clothing, as this will only aggravate the condition or cause permanent damage. A dry cleaner is in a better position of helping out.

If you accidentally stain your apparel with nail polish, do not try rubbing the stain off with a nail polish remover. You may end up destroying the garment’s dye, and if the clothing is an acetate, the remover may create a hole in it.

After clothes have been dry cleaned, don’t hang them in your closet right away. Since dry cleaning utilizes chemicals, the garments could have lingering traces of the chemicals or a strong chemical smell. Storing freshly dry cleaned clothes  in the closet without first airing them out will cause the substances to remain.  The leftover chemicals may not irritate your skin, but the scent will make it unpleasant to wear the apparel. Let the garments air out for a while and then store them.

Do not take synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester or spandex to a dry cleaner. You can wash these fabrics in warm water because they won’t shrink and hang them to dry.

Do not take the same suits to the dry cleaners every week. Cleaning the same ensemble too frequently will wear it out and cause damage. If you rotate your outfits,as often, thus preventing damage and ensuring they will last longer

Tips To Enjoy A Coined Laundromat

When you don’t have the luxury of owning a washing machine, coined laundromats can be a lifesaver. You can wash large loads of laundry efficiently and at an affordable price. The machines at a coined laundromat operate just like regular washing machines and dryers; the only difference is that these machines are in a public place, and many people use them. 


Here are some valuable things to do when using a coined laundromat to ensure a smooth experience for yourself and other users.


Choose an Off-Peak Hour. If you have large loads of clothes, it’s best to go to a laundromat at an off-peak hour.  You will save time because you can use many washers at once. Evenings after work and weekends are the busiest times because most people are free then. Therefore, schedule your visits in the morning or midafternoon. The laundromat near you may offer some Wash & Fold services for your laundry, allowing you to drop off your laundry in the morning and pick it up after work. 


Check the Machine Before Using it. Since many people use laundromats, you should always check the machine before you put your clothes in. The person before you could have used bleach, which could damage your dark clothes, or may have used a detergent with compounds you are allergic to. It’s best to wipe the machine clean with a paper towel to remove any lingering chemicals. Remember also to check the settings of the device. The previous user could have switched the settings to a different size or temperature than you need.


Use the Right Amount of Detergent. Some people believe that clothes will be cleaner if you use more detergent. But using excessive detergent can damage the machine and dramatically increase the chances that soap residue or bleach will remain in the washer. The excessive detergent will affect the next user: leftover bleach can damage their garments, chemical compounds can cause an allergic reaction, and other ingredients may unfavorably alter their detergent of choice. So, carefully double check detergent compartments. Bleach can also damage their garments. Check the detergent bottle to find out the directed amount of soap that you should use.


Leave the Lid Open When Done. Leaving the lid open will signal other users that the machine is now available for use. This gesture will help save time because the queue will move forward faster and more smoothly, especially during peak hours.


Wait for a Few Minutes before Removing another Person’s Laundry. Some people leave their laundry in the machine and go out to run other errands. It is frustrating when the user ahead of you does not remove their laundry promptly once their laundry is clean. You can offer the absent user a grace period of ten minutes. If the user is not back after ten minutes, remove the laundry and neatly place it on a clean table or talk to the facility operator.


Bring a Roll of Quarters. Most laundromats stock their change machines with quarters but it’s a good idea to bring a roll of quarters just in case. You don’t want to haul in your laundry, load the machine, and add detergent only to discover that the changer is out of order. You may end up spending more time at the laundromat than you expected.


Follow these tips that we recommend to our customers at MrLaundromat and let us know other tips you may know about.

Things To Avoid Doing In A Coined Laundromat Place

Things To Avoid Doing In A Coined Laundromat Place

If you do not own a washing machine or dryer at home, a laundromat is an excellent and affordable alternative. For you and other users to have a smooth experience at the laundry place, you need to understand what you are not supposed to do while you are there.

Here is a guide that will take you through a coined laundromat place don’ts.

Don’t leave Your Laundry Unattended. You need to be considerate about other customers and avoid leaving your clothes unattended. It is tempting to take care of other items on your to-do list while your clothes are in the machine. If you don’t return to the laundromat place in time, another customer may remove your clothing and place them in an untidy area. If you must leave your laundry in the machine, then you should leave your basket on top of the washer so the next customer would know where to put them. To avoid getting bored while waiting for your laundry, you can carry a novel or a magazine to keep you busy while you wait. The best laundromat in Garner even has space and free internet for works you need to do.

Don’t Overload the Machine. If you have large loads of laundry, you may think that putting many clothes in the washer will save you time. However, stuffing the machine with many pieces is not advisable because your clothes need to circulate in the machine for them to be sparkling clean. When you overload the machine with many outfits, you risk repeating the cycle because they will not be clean hence spending more time and money. Overloading the washer and dryer may damage the machine.
Don’t Put Rubber or Nylon in the Dryers. Laundromat dryers operate at high temperatures. The temperatures are high enough that they can melt rubber or nylon. At home, a disabled dryer is an inconvenience. Still, at a laundromat, it would mean the owner will incur losses since it is a business and also a disadvantage to the customers waiting in the queue.

Don’t Leave Your Children Running Around the Laundromat Area. If you come to the laundry shop with your children, you should be on the lookout to see what they are doing. Don’t get distracted and leave your child playing around with empty dryer doors because this will not only pose a danger to your child, but it also gives other customers a hard time, and they can’t do their laundry with a peace of mind. Mr Laundromat, has a gaming area for family time with your kids or to keep them busy.

Don’t Mix Colors. It would be best if you separate your laundry by colors before putting them in the dry cleaners. Don’t stuff all your clothes together, hoping that this will save you time. It will only damage your clothes and leave them permanently stained. Colored clothing needs different cleaning procedures. For instance, when washing white and light clothes, warm water will work best. If you use warm water on colored garments, the colors will fade more quickly. Hot water will work well when cleaning towels or stained undergarments. Categorize your clothes into delicate, white, dark, and light. Classifying them will help determine what detergent you will be using for your load.

If you are looking for the best laundromat in Garner, North Carolina, don’t hesitate to come visit us with your dirty laundry and leave with them smelling fresh.

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