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Everyone has that favorite pair of pants or favorite top, but are you doing everything to protect clothes while laundering them? Maybe it is too late and there is a clothing item in the closet that is worn out from all of the washes it has been through. There are many simple steps that Garner citizens overlook when doing their laundry, but Mr. Laundromat wants to help protect from the heart break and lost money of damaged and worn out clothing.We all know the basics that our moms taught us: don’t wash colors with darks and don’t wash clothes in hot water. But, there are other mistakes that many people make when cleaning their clothes that can damage their clothes.

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11 Best Laundry Stain Removal Ideas for Stubborn Stains

Everyone has experienced the moment of looking down to find a new stain. Stains are an inevitable part of life that everyone will experience, but could it be costing too much money? Garner Mr. Laundromat has seen our share of tough to remove stains and we know there are so many solutions being marketed as the right one, but are those really the best stain remover? Consider all of the strain removal detergents on the market that are advertised as laundry stain removers:

  • Oxyclean
  • Tide To Go
  • Tide Stain Brush
  • Zout Stain Remover
  • Shout Gel
  • Clorox Pen

Home cleaning training videos for starting a cleaning business

The experts at Entrepreneur,

provide a two-part guide to success. First, find out what it takes to start three of the most in-demand cleaning businesses: residential maid service, commercial janitorial service and carpet/upholstery cleaning. Then, master the fundamentals of business startup including defining your business structure, funding, staffing and more. This kit includes: • Essential industry-specific startup essentials including industry trends, best practices, important resources, possible pitfalls, marketing musts, and more • Entrepreneur Editors’ Start Your Own Business, a guide to starting any business and surviving the first three years • Interviews and advice from successful entrepreneurs in the industry • Worksheets, brainstorming sections, and checklists.

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