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Everyone has that favorite pair of pants or favorite top, but are you doing everything to protect clothes while laundering them? Maybe it is too late and there is a clothing item in the closet that is worn out from all of the washes it has been through. There are many simple steps that Garner citizens overlook when doing their laundry, but Mr. Laundromat wants to help protect from the heart break and lost money of damaged and worn out clothing.We all know the basics that our moms taught us: don’t wash colors with darks and don’t wash clothes in hot water. But, there are other mistakes that many people make when cleaning their clothes that can damage their clothes. Laundry Guide

When cleaning clothes, love and protect the laundry by avoiding these common laundry mistakes:
Knowing Clothing Tags. Certain clothing can handle different types of washing. For instance, if there is a circle on clothing, that means that it must be dry cleaned. If there is a triangle on a clothing tag, it can be bleached. For a full break down of clothing tags, see the diagram to the right.
Separate and Treat. Dark clothes should not be washed with light clothes. A large, fuzzy blanket should not be washed with clothing; it will leave fuzz behind on clothing that will be tough to remove. When preparing to wash clothes, separate clothes into four piles: whites, lights, darks, and delicates.
Check the Pockets. It seems silly to say, but always check the pockets. There is no faster way to lose a large portion of clothes than to wash pants with gum in the pockets.
Choose the Temperature. Denim and fabric items that tend to shrink will do better in cold water, which prevents shrinking. Warm water works well with light and white clothing because it helps lift the stains and soils out of the fabric.
Laundry Detergent. Walk down the laundry aisle in the grocery store. There are many options for laundry detergent: powder, liquid, HE, organic, chlorine, color safe, etc. A color-safe bleach detergent works well on lifting stains out of all clothes while protecting color items. A chlorine beach is a great addition to any load of white clothes in order to brighten the clothing.
Don’t Overfill the Washing Machine. It seems counterintuitive, but watch the fill line on the washing machine. Clothes can be damaged or not be cleaned properly if clothes are past the fill line. How to Do Laundry
Choose the Correct Washing Cycle. Washing machines have more and more cycles on them now, but which one is the right cycle?
o Regular cycles are great for heavily stained items, cottons, linen, denim, and towels. If bedding is being washed, use the bedding cycle.
o The bedding cycle will include a high enough temperature to sanitize sheets and comforters.
o The delicate cycle is great for silks, wools, and lingerie.
o The permanent press cycle is good for synthetic fibers, such as knits and polyesters, that need to prevent wrinkles.
Choose the Correct Drying Cycle. Everyone knows that shrinking typically takes place in the dryer, so what settings can be used to prevent shrinking?
o Regular (High Heat) is good for whites, towels, sheets, and linens – any item that is pre-shrunk.
o Permanent Press (Medium Heat) prevents color garments from fading and ensures that clothes will not be wrinkles or lose their shape.
o Delicate (Low Heat) is perfect for fragile clothes like knit sweaters.
o Don’t be afraid to let clothes lay out to dry. While it seems old fashion, it could prevent a lot of excess spending and heart break over lost clothes. For example, jeans and denim last much longer when they are left out to dry.
Cut Down on Drying Time. Take a dry, clean towel and toss it in with wet clothes when they go into the dryer. The towel will soak up the moisture and significantly decrease the drying time. If a load of laundry was left in the dryer too long and is now wrinkled, toss a damp hand towel in with the clothes to remove the wrinkles and dry quickly.
Leave Out the Pet Items. We all love our pets and want all of their toys, blankets, and beds to be clean and smell great. But, pet fur can get stuck in areas of the washing machine and dryer. This could lead to the next few loads of laundry being covered in fur.
Worried about protecting clothes? Keep Mr. Laundromat in mind. We offer laundry services including same day wash and fold with skin-allergy friendly solutions, pet bedding cleaning, and comforter services. Nothing says ‘I love you’ to the laundry this year like protecting them with professional laundering services.
Mr. Laundromat can love the laundry more than a home washing machine and dryer by:
1. Offering On-Staff Experts. Everyone has that mysterious stain in one of their favorite clothing items. Mr. Laundromat has staff that understand how to get those tough stains out and preserve clothes at the same time.
2. Save Time. We have more washers and dryers than anyone does at home which allows us to work much faster.
3. Large Machines. Bedding is one of the toughest items to wash at home and many families mess up their favorite bedding sets trying to fit it in their washing machine or dryer. Our large washing machines at Mr. Laundromat have multiple delicate cycles to select from to give comforters or blankets the proper wash without damaging them.
4. Green Services. Mr. Laundromat has high efficiency washing machines and dryers that use much less water and power per load than a washing machines and dryers in a home.
Would you like more information about our Garner laundromat services? Visit our website now for more information or contact our team today.

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