Removing Springtime Stains


Mistake #6 – Not removing stains before washing your clothes

If you’re used to putting your dirty laundry straight into your washing machine, that’s a bad idea. Have you ever noticed that some stains don’t disappear after going through a wash cycle? This is normal; some grease or tomato sauce stains are very tough and persistent. Forget this bad habit and consider using a stain remover before putting your clothes in the drum of your washing machine. After that, run your wash cycle as usual. It will take you a few minutes, but you are sure to get all the unwanted stains off your clothes. 

Mistake #7 – Only using short and low-temperature programs

On every washing machine there are several programs. These programs deliver a certain washing temperature and a spin force to be chosen according to the type of textile placed in the machine. There are light programs such as the one that emulates washing by hand, the “15 minutes” quick cycle for those in a hurry or the 95°C for very dirty laundry. Depending on the program chosen, your machine will take more or less time to wash the laundry.

In case you are used to a default program like a quick and short program with low temperature, for fear of damaging your clothes, this can probably be the cause of the bad smell that you perceive on your laundry after the washing process. Each program is designed for a different reason and to adapt to several different parameters such as the degree of soiling, the quantity of laundry and the type of laundry. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right program. Also, remember to sort your laundry based on colors and types of fabric.

Mistake # 8 – When you forget to close the zippers

Remember to properly zip up your clothes before putting them in the washing machine. Why is this step important? The reason is simple but central to keeping your clothes in a perfect condition. In addition, when you zip up your clothes, you prevent the metal teeth on the zippers from hanging on and damaging the fabric of other clothes during the cycling process.

Mistake # 9 -When you forget to unbutton your shirts

In this case, not unbuttoning your clothes is like the opposite of zippers! Buttons, unlike zippers, should remain open. Indeed, if the buttons remain closed during the wash, they can come unstitched and may damage the machine. Consequently, remember to always unbutton your shirts and blouses before the wash.

Mistake # 10 – Not maintaining your washing and dryer machines regularly

Washing clothes is fine. But you need to do it in a clean washing machine. It often happens that we forget to clean the machine we use to wash and dry clothes in. And yet it is very important, not only for the proper functioning of your machines but also for your laundry to be perfectly clean and well washed. To do this, simply run a program at 90°C with a little white vinegar. Also, remember to periodically clean the filter of your dryer, it will help it work better and consume less energy.

Mistake # 11 – Closing your machine directly after washing

After your wash cycle, it’s important to quickly remove clothes from the washing machine and dry them right away, so they keep smelling good. During this time, it is advisable to leave the dryer and the door of your washing machine open for a few moments to allow it to air out. This will prevent bad odors and mold that could settle on your laundry during the next wash. 

All the above are a few of the common mistakes that should be avoided while doing laundry in a washing machine and we hope you will find this information useful.  If you need the help from professionals in the management of your laundry, remember that  Mr. Laundromat is always here for you.

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