Washing Sneakers or Merrell

The steps to wash your sneakers in a washing machine

Whether you do sports or not, you surely own sneakers. Over time, these can get dirty and thus contain bacteria. Although it’s not recommended to often wash your sneakers in a machine, it can still save you time and effort in keeping them clean and ready to wear. Here are some steps to follow if you want to wash your sneakers in a washing machine:

  • Remove the shoelaces and insoles to prevent these parts from coming loose or getting tangled during the wash.
  • Try to remove embedded dirt with a brush to prevent leaving dirt inside the drum that you cannot entirely remove. This process will prevent your machine from harboring dirt and bacteria and make it easy for your shoes to come out clean. Put your shoes in a delicate washing net. The washing net will prevent your pair from getting damaged in the washing machine.
  • Select a short wash program with no spin. The less the shoes stay inside the washing machine, the less they will be exposed to knocks or excess water that can damage them.
  • Choose a temperature that is not too high. Add a disinfectant Stain Remover. This disinfectant powder, in addition to removing the most stubborn stains, will help you complete the washing process by eliminating germs from your sneakers. Keep in mind that when we play sports, our feet sweat profusely, and this sweat serves as food for bacteria that may be around the shoes, thus facilitating the appearance of bad foot odor.
  • Let the shoes dry completely. It is best to dry your pair of shoes in the open air and under the sun.
  • Wash the laces with your laundry; if you choose to watch the laces along with your shoes, it is better to put them in a separate washing net.
  • Wash your shoe soles. It is always best to wash the insoles by hand to prevent them from losing their shape.
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