Washing your Bedsheets to make them comfortable to use


Whether your sheets are made of combed cotton, flannel, linen, or silk, special attention is required in their maintenance. Washing the sheets and drying them in the best conditions is conducive to a healthy environment and helps preserve their quality and beautiful appearance. below are some tips on how to wash bed sheets

1- Check the label

When you buy your sheets, check the labels to ensure you don’t have any specific cleaning requirements. You can wash your sheets at home in your washing machine, but some specialty fabrics may require special attention or dry cleaning. Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Laundromat if you are in the possession of fabrics which require extra care and attention of an expert.

2- Equipment and materials needed 

·   Washing machine

·   Oxygen bleach (If needed) 

·   Gentle laundry detergent

·   Dryer 

·   Iron

4- What is the recommended washing temperature to select when washing your sheets?

 Proper care of your bed linen requires washing the sheets at an appropriate temperature. 60°, warm/hot cycle is the recommended temperature that can be used for most fabrics. This temperature it is recommended to remove dirt, sweat, body oils and any other germs, especially when dealing with cotton sheets; selecting the hottest cycle as listed on the instruction label is ideal for getting rid of dust mites and other gunk.

5- Frequency of washing sheets

It is essential to change your bedsheets regularly because many bacteria can develop there quite quickly. Waiting too long before changing your sheets can lead to exposure to health issues such as allergies and skin irritations.

 The ideal is to carry out laundry once a week, especially in the summer when perspiration is frequent. Washing your bed linens regularly helps eliminate bacteria. This avoids possible skin irritations and allergic manifestation.

 You can consider washing the sheets once every 15 days if you shower at the end of the day. This recommendation is valid for all your bed linen.

 6- The Drying process

 Knowing that sunshine is a natural disinfectant, it’s Ideal to dry your sheets in open air; it also helps preserve the quality of your sheets. Depending on the composition of your sheets, the dryer can be a solution if you do not have the necessary space or live in an area where there is not much sunlight. 

Please remember to look at the care label to ensure proper drying process depending on the type of sheets you have.

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