DO’s For Dry Cleaning

Top 10 Tips For Dry Cleaning Clothes

Most people take their clothes to the dry cleaners to freshen up delicate or sensitive clothing. Dry cleaning ensures that your clothes last as long as possible while maintaining their original condition. There are some best practices you should know when visiting a dry cleaner to get the best results.

Here is a list of dry-cleaning do’s that will guide you.

Check that you have the tags that came with your garments when you purchased them.The label has specific instructions for how to treat your clothing. Failing to follow the instructions precisely could cause expensive apparel to be damaged or ruined. Although most dry cleaners are professionals with years of expertise, giving them the labels will ensure they clean the garment exactly the way the manufacturers intended. The tags are essential for ensuring your clothing is properly cared for during the dry cleaning process.

Take stained clothes to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. This will make it much easier to get rid of the stain. If you leave the stained garment exposed to air, light and heat for too long before taking it to the dry cleaner, the stain will be much more difficult to remove. Don’t forget to tell the dry cleaners what substance stained your clothes so they can apply the best treatment to eliminate it.

Take your garments to the dry cleaners regularly. If you let dust particles, grease or sweat accumulate on your garments, they will not last as long, and their appearance will be negatively impacted. Before heading to the dry cleaners, take stock of all the clothes that need to be taken. Most people tend to overlook garments such as curtains, duvets, throw pillows and jackets. Always ensure that they are right side out so they are cleaned correctly.

Get to know your dry cleaner. Please spend a few minutes with them after dropping off your garments. Having a quick conversation can prevent confusion or problems later. It’s important to know details such as whether they offer drop off services or you will have to pick up the clothing yourself. You can also find out whether there are any available deals or discounts that may not have been promoted online.

Keep your ticket somewhere you look often. If you decide to pick your clothes from the dry cleaners, it’s important to keep the ticket in a place you see every day so you remember to collect them on time. If you leave your garments at the dry cleaners for too long after the collection time, you risk losing them.

Remove the wrap immediately. The dry cleaning process uses chemicals. These chemicals may not hurt your skin, but the pungent smell will irritate you when you wear the clothes. Hang the garments somewhere with proper ventilation so they can air out. Then the clothes will be clean as well as chemical-free.

Professional suits can require special attention and care. Here are a few tips to keep them looking good between trips to the dry cleaners so they can last as long as possible and stay in top condition.

Rotate your suits. Using the same outfit every day will make it show wear after a short time. Alternating which suit you wear every day will help them last longer and require cleaning less often.

Remove wrinkles with a steam cleaner before wearing your suit. Ensure that the steam cleaner is on low heat when in use. This helps you look your best and helps your suit and stay in great condition longer.

Brush off any dirt that could be clinging to your suit after wearing it. Leaving dirt or dust particles on your suit can cause them to become attached to fabric and make it more difficult to clean later.

Cover your suit up with a cloth that will allow circulation of air when you store it. Storing a suit in a plastic or airtight covering can cause discoloration or mold to develop. Using a breathable cloth protects your suit from dust and dirt particles while helping it to last longer.

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