Top 10 Dry Cleaning Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Clothes

Some clothes are too delicate to wash. A washing machine can damage details like embroidery, and the wrong water temperature can cause sensitive material to lose its shape. Dry cleaning will ensure that your garments stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. But there are mistakes you should avoid during dry cleaning to ensure your clothes aren’t damaged. Here is a list of dry cleaning don’ts that you should take into consideration.

Do not take your suits to a conventional cleaner because most dry cleaners use perchlorethylene (PERC) as a solvent to clean garments. This chemical is less viscous than water, and it is good at removing oil-based stains. But PERC is toxic since it contains carcinogenic properties, and it leaves a residue in garments. Therefore, to avoid exposing yourself and your clothes to harmful chemicals, take your suits to an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

If you have stained an article, do not press it with the hope of squeezing off the stain. The heat produced when pressing will set the stain, and it will make its removal complicated. Take your garment to the dry cleaners because they know how to treat all types of stains.

Once you pick up your knitted garments from the dry cleaners, do not hang them. Hanging will stretch your knitted clothing and pull them out of shape. Hanging will also cause sagging hemlines, and your clothes will not be in good condition the next time you want to wear them. It is best to store your knitted garments on a shelf or in a drawer.

Do not store seasonal clothing at home without taking it to the dry cleaner for cleaning and mothproofing, as this will only damage your garments and minimize their life span. Be sure to place the storage boxes in a cool and dry place.

Do not drop off large bundles of clothes in baskets at the dry cleaners. If you have many clothes, you should call a representative to pick up your clothes and drop them off after cleaning.

Do not use any home stain removers, whether tested or untested, on your clothing, as this will only aggravate the condition or cause permanent damage. A dry cleaner is in a better position of helping out.

If you accidentally stain your apparel with nail polish, do not try rubbing the stain off with a nail polish remover. You may end up destroying the garment’s dye, and if the clothing is an acetate, the remover may create a hole in it.

After clothes have been dry cleaned, don’t hang them in your closet right away. Since dry cleaning utilizes chemicals, the garments could have lingering traces of the chemicals or a strong chemical smell. Storing freshly dry cleaned clothes  in the closet without first airing them out will cause the substances to remain.  The leftover chemicals may not irritate your skin, but the scent will make it unpleasant to wear the apparel. Let the garments air out for a while and then store them.

Do not take synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester or spandex to a dry cleaner. You can wash these fabrics in warm water because they won’t shrink and hang them to dry.

Do not take the same suits to the dry cleaners every week. Cleaning the same ensemble too frequently will wear it out and cause damage. If you rotate your outfits,as often, thus preventing damage and ensuring they will last longer

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