How to clean and care for your suit to keep it in good shape and make it last longer


A suit requires more attention than a t-shirt or jeans. In fact, if you adhere to the following little tips, the result will be quick and effective. Moreover, if you take the maintenance of your suit seriously, it will save you money overtime because proper maintenance will make your suit look sharp and last longer.

Tip1: Brush it down after each use

 Even if you just sit in your office all day, your suit collects dirt and dust. If you don’t do anything about it, this dirt will sink into the fibers of your suit, and the fabric can peel off and /or lose its quality over time.

 We suggest you purchase a brush with soft bristles made from natural animal hair (as opposed to synthetic materials) for they are less coarse. Brush the suit in the same way you shave, with quick downward strokes. Start at the shoulders and work down to the rest of the suit.

If your costume picked up lint or hair during the day, go over it with a lint roller too.

Tip2: Spot clean with a damp cloth

No matter how careful we can be, stains are inevitable. Don’t waste too much time when you slop food or wine on your suit. 

  • Dab the spot with a damp cloth. If you can’t remove the stain after a few tries, hand it over to the professionals, Mr. Laundromat is there to handle all your laundry needs.

Tip3:  Hang it on thick wooden hangers

 Do you know why people use wooden suit hangers? The wood helps absorb any moisture built up in the canvas and lining of your suit. Moisture can wear down the delicate fibers of your suit, which is one reason to get rid of the wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners.

 Here’s another certainty: wire hangers can damage your suit. A wide wooden hanger with rounded borders will support shoulder pads, smooth out wrinkles, and help your suit retain its shape; sturdy plastic hangers are acceptable too.

Tip4: Rotate your suits

 Avoid wearing your suit every day to make it last longer. Wear your suit twice a week at a maximum, to give the fibers time to rest and relax. Just like your muscles after an intense workout, your suit needs a little repose. The general rule is 24 hours for lighter suits and 48 hours for heavier suits. Before stashing your suit in the wardrobe, follow these instructions:

brush it, dab it, hang it, and bag it. If you’ve been wearing it in a smoky or smelly environment, hang it up outside for a few hours to air out any odors.

Caution: Here are some habits to avoid in order to make your suits last longer. 

  • Never throw your suit into the washing machine. It’ll lose its shape. (Dry cleaning twice a year is sufficient for a suit worn once or twice a week; because this cleaning is very aggressive for the fabric and to impose it more often would reduce its life expectancy)
  • Don’t sling your suit over your office chair, either. Keep an extra coat hanger at work to maintain your suit’s silhouette.
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