Coin Massage Chair – The Reason for Your Next Laundromat Visit

Today, many people are consulting massage therapists, frequenting spas, or enrolling for fitness seminars and nutritional programs to relieve stress. Unluckily, some of these stress-busters are quite expensive to afford. However, most laundromats have almost a cost-effective alternative. For a genuinely relaxed afternoon and stress-free environment, take a break from your home laundry and head over to your local laundromat.

Most folks are privileged to own washing and drying machines. But this shouldn’t be the reason why you won’t visit the local laundromat. Especially when the facility can help clean your clothing and help alleviate your stress, too. Most laundromats offer free Wi-Fi, convenient payment options, impeccable wash & fold service, large and energy-efficient equipment, and much more.

However, the introduction of coin massage chair has changed everything. Now many people are not just visiting laundromats for laundry services but also to enjoy the benefits of these chairs. The following are some of the top advantages of coin massage chairs as you wait for your laundry to be done.

Helps Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, and Tension

Past studies indicate that massage therapy helps in reducing stress symptoms both physically and psychologically. The studies also revealed that 10-15 minutes spend on the massage chair lowers blood pressure, cortisol levels, and oxygen consumption. Stress accounts for over $26 billion in medical expenses as well as $95 billion in reduced productivity in workplaces. A simple solution, such as using the coin massage chair when stressed, can go a long way.

Helps You Relax and Heal Sore Muscles

The human body is like an intelligent machine. Overworking it beyond the required health limit can cause stiff and sore muscles. These are automatic triggers designed to keep your body in check. People working in heavy-demand industries like construction workers are prone to suffer from sore muscles. It’s prudent for such individuals to take a break, visit their local laundromat and enjoy the healing and relaxing effects of the coin massage chair. It assists in healing fatigued muscles and releasing body tension.

Improved Blood Flow

A coin massage chair contains a couple of features that aid in proper blood flow in the body. The chair’s mechanised massage, which involves Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling and gripping techniques, vibrate vital points on the body. In turn, this aids in offering proper blood flow. Another feature is the chair’s Zero Gravity mostly found on premium massage chairs. This position allows full blood circulation throughout your body.

Improved Immune System

Merely sitting in a massage chair for 45minutes and letting the Washing machines work increases your body’s lymphocytes. They are white blood cells responsible for maintaining the immune system of your body. An increase in body lymphocytes helps the body to counter sickness and illnesses in our daily lives. Experts recommend at least one massage per week for quantifiable immune and endocrine levels in the body.


After a long day at our jobs, a relaxing chair massage is almost heaven-sent. Take time to visit your local laundromat to not only have your clothes cleaned but also enjoy the health benefits associated with the coin massage chair.

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A Comprehensive Guide on how to Clean Comforters.

Comforters are essential parts of your bedroom decor. If you would want your comforters to last for years, then you need to learn how to take care of them and clean them regularly. Washing your fabrics often will help to get rid of bed bugs. You may get varying information about how to clean your comforter as the best way to clean them will depend on the materials used to fill them. Some of the most common materials used to fill comforters include cotton, synthetic, and wool.

Each of these materials needs have varying care requirements. For example, if you have comforters filled with cotton or synthetic materials, you can use either warm or cold water. Duvets filled with the two materials are the easiest to clean as the materials are durable.

Here are some Comforter Cleaning Tips.

1. Read the fabric’s care label.

Every comforter comes with instructions from the manufacturer. Take time to read the care label before you start washing. Some materials used to fill comforters such as silk and wool can shrink if cleaned using a washer. Therefore, take note of the manufacturer’s instructions. If the comforter has the label saying “Dry Clean Only,” it’s advisable to seek professional comforters cleaning services. If the manufacturer allows the use of machines, you need to follow other specific instructions such as the type of water that you should use.

2. Remove Stains and Repair the Comforter.

If you notice that there are stains on the fabric, treat them before you start washing. You can use cleaners such as a mixture of water and baking soda. Using a duvet cover helps to avoid staining of your comforter. If you do not have a large washing machine at home, consider visiting the nearby laundromat where you will find machines with the capacity to handle the bulkiness of your comforters. Using large washing machines is more effective as your fabrics will not become distorted.

If you put the fabric inside the washing machine and notice that only less than 20% of the space is left at the top, then your washing machine is not large enough to wash your comforter. Ensure that you select delicate or gentle setting on the washing machine that you are using. The water level should be at a maximum level, while the temperature should be cold to prevent shrinking. Consider using a mild washing detergent that is suitable for your fabric.

3. Drying.

Dry your comforters properly to ensure that you get your desired results at the end of the washing. There are two main ways of drying fabrics. The first is air drying. It is a slow method but effective if you are not in a hurry or have enough space to hang it. The second method involves using a dryer. Using a dryer is fast but will require you to be more attentive than the first option. You can use the dryer to dry your comforters if it is large enough.

A large washing machine will meet all your laundry needs. Consider going to the laundromat if you have a small washing machine. If the laundry work is too much for you, you can contact MrLaundromat to take care of your summer bedding needs. The firm offers professional laundry drop off and pick up services.

Commercial Laundry Cleaning for Salons

A salon is subjected to a lot of mess and you will certainly like a clean environment to satisfy your customers and have them come back. 

Proper hygiene is essential for the success of any health and beauty business and your business is not an exception. 

As a salon owner, you will have to take every detail of your salon to ensure that it is in the best condition to be a key player in your industry. You might think of a commercial pick up laundry services to maintain not only the cleanliness of your towels and accessories but save you time. 

That is where Mr.Laundromat come contribute to your business growth.

We can help you run your salon smoothly with efficient washing and drying solution. We understand you are following a busy schedule and you do not have time to visit a commercial laundry service. 

We have made it easy for you. We offer both drop off laundry and pick up laundry services to enable our customers to find a suitable solution.

Your laundry is subjected to hair, oil, creams, and a lot of other things that can really make the environment not breathable if you do not hire a proper laundry service to clean your towels, sheets, and other essentials that you use daily in your salon. 

Mr.Laundromat will offer you a perfect laundry service and will maintain the hygiene of your laundry without costing you more. We offer an affordable and environmental-friendly solution to salon owners.

Top Quality Equipment 

We are committed to offering the best cleaning service and we use top quality equipment to serve that purpose. 

Our team consists of qualified and experienced professionals and laundry engineers to offer friendly guidance. 

Same Day Service 

We work for seven days a week to meet your demands and to offer you the service any time you want even in an emergency. 

 A Healthy Working Environment 

Our objective is to help you lead the industry with a clean environment in your community. Also, a clean and healthy environment will enable your hairdressers and beauticians to perform in the best possible manner.

They will love to work in a healthy environment. Also, they can work at their best with a happy mind that can inspire your customers. You will build repeat customers and they will recommend you other friends and loved ones.

Integral Laundry Care 

We offer the best laundry care to the salons with the latest technologies coupled with the right maintenance and through servicing.

Once you hire Mr.Laundromat, you will never think of another service. Our timely service and dedicated staff are able to make a difference in our industry.

Yes, we lead the industry by using the best quality products and best talents. Both these prove the credibility of Mr.Laundromat.

Environmental- friendly products

We not only use quality products, Mr.Laundromat also ensures that all the products are environmental-friendly.

We take utmost care to find a green solution to all the cleaning needs. We will make sure that your accessories are thoroughly cleaned without using any harmful chemical. Our products will not harm humans in any manner.

Look for these qualifiers as a salon owner when you are searching for the best laundromat in your area. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy, affordable, experienced, and quick laundry solution, we are a phone call away.

Summer Time And Your Laundry Expectations

Summer season is not always a favorite one for many of us. When the environment is hot, and the climate is a bit humid, you feel terrible.

You try your best to keep your kids inside. However, they will always venture outdoors to burn calories. They want to explore the outside regardless of the environment and weather.

Summer makes life sometimes tricky, and it comes with much cleaning work. If you are a mother of small kids, you will find it awful. You will need the help of a cleaning service more often.

However, your busy schedule might not allow visiting a commercial cleaning service regularly. Also, you will need a reliable and experienced service for regular cleaning.

We at Mr.Laundromat, have the best cleaning solutions for your summer laundry needs. You are just one call away to make your summer more healthy and relaxed. 

You do not need to use dirty clothes and sheets. You can call us, and we will ensure that you will get a fast, cost-effective, and readily available solution.

The best Laundromat in Garner can help you with the best laundry cleaning solution depending on your requirements.

 Pick Up

We offer to pick up your dirty laundry to help our customers to save their valuable time and to get the service without any delay.

Our professionals will accompany you in your convenient time to pick up your clothes, and that will be delivered at the scheduled time without exception. We believe in punctuality and strive hard to achieve it.

Drop Off 

You are also free to drop off your dirty laundry. You can choose to drop off your clothing and other laundry items. We will fix the time for delivery. You can expect the fastest solutions in both these conditions. 

Comforter Cleaning

We also do comforter cleaning. We understand that comforters need some specific attention and our staff is thoroughly experienced to deal with any Laundry cleaning. We will follow the instructions not to harm the material and retain its freshness. 

Best Cleaning Solution for All Your Cleaning Needs

Summer is the vacation time. Even if the sun is too harsh, you cannot restrict your kids to go to summer camps or any summer activities. They will enjoy a lot and will learn different things during the vacation.

It is the best time for kids, and most parents send their kids to summer camps to explore the world with their curious mind. However, this comes with a cost with more laundry to do and more mess to clean. Family and friends coming over for vacation time increased your time invested in doing laundry. Mr.Laundromat can act as your true friend.

Yes, we will take care of all of your cleaning needs. Once your kids return from their favorite summer camps or activities, give us a call. We will be there in the fastest possible time.

Best Technology and Environmental-friendly Products

Our objective is to use environmental-friendly products and the latest technologies to offer a fast and green solution to our customers. Our service does not use any chemical that can harm you and your family.

Same Day Service

If you are looking for the same day service, you should not look beyond Mr.Laundromat. We offer the same day service to meet the emergency needs of our customers.

Want a Free Quote?

We offer a free quote on our cleaning service. Call us now to get a free estimate.

Summer Season and Restaurant Laundry Needs

The significance of laundry is quite apparent while you are running a restaurant, and the dining room needs clean linen, or your employees require clean uniforms regularly. It is the case for lots of businesses at present, particularly those in the hospitality industry. Consequently, it will be a fantastic idea to go for a trustworthy laundry pickup and delivery service which your organization can depend on for obtaining fresh products within their financial budget as well as on time.

How does the restaurant laundry services function? Although the requirements might differ according to your necessities, laundry deliveries are performed usually a couple of times every week on an agreed schedule. Deliveries can be made even daily for those restaurants which run a hectic business out there.

The company will transport these deliveries to their laundering site, where the items are going to be sorted, treated or washed for getting rid of stains, dried, folded or pressed, and ready to be returned once again to the customer. One can easily comprehend the significance of top-quality laundry service while handling some severe stains and odors. A trained expert will be required for managing all these commercial linens given that the soiled ones can prove to be extremely difficult in case not appropriately handled. As a result, the employees working at MrLaundromat, which is a commercial laundry cleaning facility, are adequately trained in dealing with these types of soiled commercial linens, and they will be able to get the job done so you can focus at what you do the best: Serving great foods. This particular aspect should be enough to make any restaurant hire a competent restaurant laundry cleaning to save time.

MrLaundromat is the first choice when it comes to restaurant laundry cleaning services in our area. Our company will provide impeccable services for all types of businesses, whether it happens to be a small business with limited resources or a big company requiring more enormous supplier demands. By picking MrLaundromat, you, as well as your employees, will be able to enjoy 100% peace of mind as well as confidence by comprehending that your laundry supplier will deliver excellent services. Our company has a reputation of offering full-service linens cleaning as well as uniform analysis for every single restaurant and will not provide over the budget restaurant laundry expense. At MrLaundromat, our company will offer commercial restaurant linens like the following such as Tablecloths, Table Runners, Napkins, cleaning Oven clothes, Waiter clothes, Chef’s wears.

On top of this, our company’s unique technology will allow scheduling to pick up as well as deliveries at your preferred times, plus dedicated client assistance for answering any queries. Our restaurant laundry cleaning service is flexible as well as affordable, and no contracts will be required. Please do not hesitate or have any second thoughts. Get in touch with us today to find out how MrLaundromat can help simplify and enhance your laundry solution at a reasonable rate during this summer period. We are eager to help your business maintain the desired image!

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